Virtual Screen Glass


Virtual Screen Glassは、設定した画像を常に画面前面へ表示するAndroid向けアプリケーションです。

"In front of you always, your favorite images!"
It is the application for always displaying the set-up picture on the front of a screen.

[詳細とダウンロード / Detail and Download]

*パソコン / PC

* Android端末 / Android Device


-----version 1.1.0-----

-----version 1.0.0-----

[Change log (English)]

-----version 1.1.0-----
* Added function for automatic startup.

-----version 1.0.0-----
* New release.

[コメントとご要望について / About comments and requests]

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If you have any comments or requests regarding this application, please post comments box of this page.
Also, please use also to field review of Google Play.
However, it may not be able to respond to all comments. Thank you for your understanding.

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